Aloha Ya’ll!

I want to formally announce the arrival of Dr. Timothy Patterson as the newest member of our MVC family. Dr. Patterson is an avid equine enthusiast, having ridden and shown in Hunters and Jumpers, including in the collegiate ranks where he showed on the Purdue Equestrian Team. He continued his interest after graduation when he showed on the A — Circuit on the East Coast. He also enjoyed Fox Hunting at the Romwell Hunt Club.

Dr. Patterson graduated with highest honors in Equine Medicine from Purdue University in 1987. After graduation, he went to work for Mid-Atlantic Medical Center in Ringoes, New Jersey where he specialized in lameness and reproduction. He was exposed to acupuncture in veterinary school where he also assisted in research on acupuncture. In 1989, alternative care assisted in his recovery from a severe automobile accident and he began to investigate additional alternative therapies. That combined with his highest desire to offer the highest quality medicine, lead him to pursue training in alternative modalities. Currently, Dr. Patterson is certified in twenty of those modalities. These certifications include Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbal Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Laser Therapy, Bio-Dynamic Resonance, Quantum Pathics, Quantum Neurology, and several emotional clearing techniques including Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). He brings 20 years of experience in Equine Integrative Medicine, particularly in performance horses, to our MVC house.

Being attracted to the spiritual nature of Native American Culture and their honor of Pachamama, all lead him to Arizona in 2007, where he spent several years learning their way of life and practiced Integrative Medicine. In 2013, Dr. Patterson began visiting Big Island where he first experienced the Aloha Spirit. Having experienced the energy of Hawai’i and our culture, he knew he desired to he in Hawai’i. After visiting Haleakala in 2017 and experiencing the peace and serenity from standing on Maui’s “House of the Sun”, that this was his home and place to continue his spiritual growth and to share his talents with the people and animals of Hawai’i.

Dr. Patterson is available for small animal appointments on Monday and Saturdays and large animal appointments Tuesdays and Fridays. We will also be offering large animal appointments with Dr. Patterson on Saturday at the clinic. Ambulatory services will not be available for non-emergencies on Saturday. Dr. Patterson also has extensive knowledge of large and small animal surgery including orthopedics. He also has all of the Western Medicine practices as well, allowing for often using a combination of Eastern and Western medicine for many cases.

Stay tuned for an upcoming clinic date where Dr. Patterson will be explaining and demonstrating some of his techniques and offering treatments on your animals, large and small, for a one time only discount. Feel free to email us at with any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patterson.

I would also like to let y’all know that Dr. Scott Martell will be here from August 28 – September 12 2018. Dr. Martell is not only a DVM, but certified Journeyman Farrier. During his time on Maui, he will be offering farrier services and consultations for any tricky or difficult cases you may be dealing with. This is not just for owners, but farriers too. Dr. Martell also has a special interest in podiatry, lameness, and dental work. Feel free to visit his website,

Dr. Lisa Stephens will also be back on Maui August 17-24. Should you have any questions regarding breeding, she is your gal!

Should you have questions or request to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact us at the above email or call 572-9003 for small animal and 281-1087 for large animal.

I want to thank you all for your continued support, confidence and well wishes during the last year.

Many Mahalos,