Grooming with heart. Our groomers use natural products customized to your pet’s skin and fur type. 

Our highly skilled groomers will keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Your pet will be greeted and treated with an endless amount of love while they get bathed, brushed, trimmed, styled, and much more!

Our grooming requirements with your pet’s health in mind.

Because we are also a boarding facility, we require your pet be current on their DHP and Bordetella vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior to their appointment. Records will be required before grooming.

Grooms Include
  • Nail Trim or Buff
  • Ear Cleaning and Hair Removal
  • Teeth Brushing & Breath Fresh Spray
  • Two Baths
    • The first cleans dirt and residue.
    • The second is with your choice of our natural specialty shampoos.
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Anal Glands (only by request, and only performed externally at our grooming location).
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Fragrance Spray (only by request, but no extra cost)
  • Pet Bandana
Haircut Options Include a
Full Groom 
  • Full body shaved down to desired length.
  • Body shaved at desired length and shaping of face, feet, and tail.
  • Specific breed cuts
Our Natural Products
  • Green Clean Shampoo
  • White Dog Shampoo
  • Odor Eliminator Shampoo
  • Deshedding Shampoo
  • French Lavender & Chamomile Shampoo
  • Sensitive Skin Shampoo (Fragrance Free)
  • Citrus Plus Shampoo
  • Oatmeal Conditioner
  • Blueberry Facial