Makawao Veterinary Clinic’s After Life Services

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Saying Goodbye

We know that saying goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the most difficult things to go through.  As pet owners, we understand how you feel and will always treat every pet as we would one of our own family.


Compassionate In-Home or On-Site Care

Our dedicated team of veterinary professionals understand the importance of a peaceful euthanasia without the added stress of transporting your pet to the clinic. We offer compassionate and personalized euthanasia services for all animals in a location of your choice on the island of Maui, whether it be at home, at the beach, or at your pet’s favorite spot. Their last day should be about comfort, peace, and love for you both you and your best friend.All private pet cremations take place in our partitioned cremators. Your companion will be placed into their own compartment and you can be assured that you will get only your pet’s ashes back.


Personalized After-Life Services

If your pet had a compassionate euthanasia at home through Makawao Veterinary Clinic, we offer transport to our environmentally conscious crematorium.
Cremations can be expedited for pet owners who wish to receive their companion’s ashes within 48 hours. Soon we will offer the option of having a 45 minute memorial service where you and your loved ones may gather to be with your beloved pet at the time of cremation.
Cremations can also be private, where you receive your pet’s ashes and their ashes only. We offer a variety of urns to choose from, including urns made with native woods by local artists.
Cremations may also be communal, where you do not receive the ashes back. Communal ashes are spread among the trees in a native forest restoration project in Keokea overlooking the ocean.


How Does Pet Cremation Work?

The basic steps for cremation are the pet’s remains are incinerated in an environmentally conscious green oven using high heat (1400-1800 degrees Farenheit). The amount of time it takes generally depends on the size of the animal, but 2-4 hours is the average.

We inspect the remains for metal objects and any that are discovered are removed. Large pieces of bone that did not incinerate are pulverized to dust that resembles ashes. All cremains are then placed into a plastic bag and then into a container of your choice and returned to you.



What is the difference between expedited, private, and communal cremation?

An expedited cremation is meant for owners who would like their pet’s ashes back within 48 hours. This is for situations where the pet’s owners may be leaving the island or have a need for quicker services. These cremations are private cremations.
A private cremation uses partitions to insure you get your pets ashes, and their ashes only. With a private cremation, your pet will be placed in a complimentary paw print tin, or an urn of your choosing.
A communal cremation is an environmentally conscious and less-expensive option for pet cremation. Several pets are cremated together and the ashes are scattered among trees in a native forest restoration project in Keokea overlooking the ocean. Owners do not receive their pets ashes back.


What happens during euthanasia?

The euthanasia process is designed to be quick and peaceful. We take an extra step in making your pet comfortable by providing a relaxing sedation first. Through an intravenous solution we provide the first dose of sedation and then a second, fast-acting sedative, is injected into the pet’s front or back leg. The solution slows the heart to a stop. Involuntary muscle contractions, moving, or gasping may occur, but these are after death.
There is no need to be shy about expression your needs or emotions during this process. You may stay with your pet to say goodbye, and not matter how prepared you may be, pain and sadness is an understandable part of the grieving process.


Our service

  • Ensures that your pet is cremated with dignity and respect.  We are all animal lovers who have lost a beloved pet in the past, so treating your pet with care and respect is not only our priority, it is our privilege. 
  • Provides you with the knowledge that you will receive the ashes of your pet, and your pet only.
  • We love animals, as well as the environment.  Our crematorium is an environmentally conscious green oven with extremely low air quality and emissions impact.  
  • We provide a choice of urns and cremation jewelry for the safe return of your pet’s ashes including urns and jewelry crafted with native woods by local artists.