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According to a recent report by the American Humane Society, animal shelters across the country euthanize 2.4 million healthy dogs and cats each year due to pet overpopulation. This equates to one healthy animal losing his or her life every 13 seconds in America alone. 

Fortunately, while this is a sad and frustrating statistic, it’s also preventable with spay or neuter surgery. Neutering a male pet means he can’t impregnate a female while a spay surgery in females renders them infertile.

What Happens During a Spay or Neuter Surgery

The first thing a veterinarian does when a pet undergoes a spay or neuter procedure is provide them with safe and effective anesthesia, which puts them into a deep sleep. The veterinarian then removes the reproductive organs.

Throughout the entire procedure, veterinary staff remains present to carefully monitor the patient’s heart and breathing rate. They also provide pet owners with home care instructions once the pet comes out of surgery.

Benefits of Spaying

An unaltered female cat may go through several heat cycles each year. Intact female dogs usually go into heat two times each year. A cat becomes fertile well before she reaches one year old, which means she could produce dozens of litters of kittens during her lifetime. Cats in heat exhibit loud vocalizations and can act aggressively to try to gain the attention of male cats.

Spaying a female dog reduces her desire to roam free. If an unneutered neighbor male dog encounters a spayed female dog, he won’t attempt to mate with her. In addition to preventing litters of puppies and kittens that may not find a home, spaying a female cat or dog decreases her risk of developing uterine, ovarian, and mammary gland cancer. This risk decreases even further for dogs and cats who have the surgery before they go into heat for the first time.

Benefits of Neutering

Intact male dogs and cats can engage in aggressive behavior and roaming when they have not yet undergone the neutering procedure. This aggression can surprise their human family. Unneutered pets also spray their urine to claim a territory as their own. The odor of this spray is not only extremely unpleasant, but it can be extremely difficult to eliminate as well. After neutering surgery, the risk of testicular or prostate cancer in male pets drops significantly.

Neutering or spaying a pet increases their lifespan by an average of three to five years. One last thing to consider is that people with altered pets make better neighbors and are less likely to encounter the dangers of roaming because their pets are much more likely to remain in their own home or yard.

Have questions about spaying or neutering your pets? Call Makawao Veterinary Clinic at 808-572-9003. We’re here to help!

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