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Chinchilla Care Tips From A Veterinarian

National Chinchilla Day is coming up on March 23rd! These adorable little balls of fur are becoming increasingly popular. Chins can make excellent pets, but they do require proper care to thrive. A local Maui, HI veterinarian explains some basics…

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How To Be A Purrfect Cat Owner 

Kitties are known for being easy keepers. You won’t have to walk or train Fluffy, and she’ll take care of her own grooming needs. Our feline buddies also spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping, which also helps make…

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Top Tips For Training Your Dog

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility. You’re starting out on a lifelong journey with your canine companion. That entails not only providing Fido with good food and care, but also ensuring that he is getting proper exercise, veterinary care,…

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Choosing A Goat Breed

Are you considering keeping goats? Goats weren’t always as welcomed as they are now. They were first brought to Hawaii in the 18th century by the explorer James Cook. Upon arriving, Billy immediately took to eating natural vegetation in the…

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Dog Care Mistakes

We’ve been friends with our canine companions for thousands of years. In fact, some studies indicate that we domesticated dogs as much as 30,000 years ago. That’s 10,000 years before we domesticated horses and livestock! While we’ve gotten to know…

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