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This Months Special

As our pets age, they can develop diseases that can affect multiple organ functions. Diagnostic testing allows us to examine organ function and unmask illnesses that may not be detectable to the naked eye. The earlier diseases are diagnosed, the better the odds are that your pet can be treated successfully. Waiting until your pet becomes ill and shows obvious signs and symptoms of their disease is not ideal. So for this month we are offering 35% OFF our Senior Blood Panel which includes complete blood counts, comprehensive chemistry, and thyroid function. Schedule your appointment now (808) 572-9003.


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Pet Services

We offer wellness exams for animals of all ages! Learn more about what we offer, and why annual wellness exams are important.

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Airport Release

We are approved by the State of Hawaii Quarantine Division to inspect animals at the Kahului Airport for Direct Release to the owner.

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We’re here for you and your pet in any circumstance. We offer extended clinic hours and have staff on hand in the case of emergencies.

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We maintain a large inventory of veterinary products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventive products.

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What They’re Saying

“I am more than pleased with the attention Missy and Bubba get when we bring them to the vet center. Dr. Butler has been great to help with Missy's diabetes and Bubba with his skin problem. A big mahalo to all of you.”

Sue W.

“The staff at Makawo Veterinary Clinic are wonderful, they are knowledgeable and extremely caring and helpful .. especially with my baby -Sammi Girl. Dr. Miller goes above and beyond with his help and advice treating animals, his caring is genuine and he is an asset to the success of the company.”

Valerie A.

“You are all great !!! And my diabetic cat is the happiest and the spoilers cat in the world with his sugar under control I drive all the way from Wailuku Country Estates to buy his food and his appointments.”

Edwin A.

“Great people to work with, We've been happy customers for over 20 years!”

Pat S.

“Always friendly. Quick and easy orders filled. Always compassionate. Thank you”

Cathe G

“I'm very impressed (and grateful) with the quick response from the Equine Vets when I have an emergency (or question) regarding my geriatric horses. My 6 dogs receive excellent care there also. I love the reminder messages for upcoming appointments.”

Debi R.