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Stem Cell Banking

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Stem cell banking is like blood cord banking for pets! While stem cell banking can be done at different times, the ideal opportunity is while your pet is being spayed or neutered. This provides an excellent opportunity to save your pet’s young, healthy stem cells for extraordinary health benefits in the future.  

Stem cells can be banked for the entirety of your pet’s life. With your pet’s cells preserved, we can provide vital care through regenerative medicine when it is needed most.  An out-patient stem cell procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia to administer, yet the effects of their more youthful cells can offer 1-4 years of relief after the initial treatment. Re-treatment is easy and there is still no need for surgery or anesthesia. 

If you’re interested in stem cell banking for your pet, contact our office at 808-572-9003.

Makawao Veterinary Clinic

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Clinic: 808-572-9003
Large Animal Team: 808-281-1087
Boarding & Grooming: 808-866-2109

Also serving Makawao, HI and surrounding areas.


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